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  • If you not want then l love games and not will against if someone could be create super cool animations using only song "Running out of roses" then l really watching it and inspired some people from the videos if someone else like idea then we just should do it and create something crazy but it only my idea is that you are create own music videos and use absolutely differences games and just be happy makes it.

    But I know what l can't make this but l like that thought more

  • I feel your hand on my skin, tell me that you love me in my thoughts.
    it's like two worlds, as if we are on the same planet that we created.
    Look how high we are above the earth, the stars are falling from the sky into the abyss.
    Millions of kilometers stretch below us, you look into my eyes, I see you saying something but I don't hear anything.
    It's like you're standing on the edge of a precipice while you're holding my hand but I'm losing control I'm slowly falling.
    It doesn't matter if we stay together or disappear among millions of stars.

    These eyes are like the sky, when you look at me, I get scared.
    The lights around us are reflected on you, one of them is fading in my hands.
    I want to tell you all my secrets, the ones that I keep to myself.
    You're sitting next to me, I feel your breath, give me the opportunity to hear your voice.
    I'm slowly disappearing among all the lights so I want to save one to light our way.

    If you and I get lost in the depths of darkness, then the lights will show the way back
    I'm holding your hand but you stopped looking at the sky.

  • оп, оп, по трендам в тиктоке

    — i love you so
    — я выдуманный.


  • ──── ∗∙⋅:✯:⋅∙∗ ──── ⋙

    I look at you but you disappear in my eyes
    I get lost through the lights in the sky, the burning stars are all a million of them
    Have we really chosen this path, the path to part in an instant?
    Will you show me the way where we can find each other again?

    You’re somewhere far away from me, so I want to see you again, but there’s only dust
    I know you’re alive, but I can’t hear your voice
    You are with me in my mind, but I feel your presence you are like a ghost somewhere near me

    There's so much I haven't told you yet
    But this time was against us
    I want to know how you feel right now?
    Where are we with you now?

    Your love has bound us forever
    You're the one in whose eyes I was losing control
    If you are far away, then I remember your voice
    But it turns into an echo and quickly disappears

    ──── ∗∙⋅:✯:⋅∙∗ ──── ⋙
  • ・。。・☆おい 私の太陽☆ ゜・。。・

    Look forward with hope, back with gratitude, up with faith, around with love.

    ~ 🍑✨

    Смотри вперёд с надеждой, назад — с благодарностью, вверх — с верой, вокруг — с любовью

  • i hate school,
    i hate love,
    i hate people,
    i hate everyone, but..more
  • I can't feel you from a distance, but I'm trying to change everything
    You're hiding like a ghost, I want to see you after traveling millions of miles
    So quickly I place hope, and so quickly I lose it
    I want to feel your touch on my skin again, to
    remember what a wonderful time it was when we were together
    I'm confused in myself again, I need your help
    But our memories do not disappear from my head
    I remember how we were sitting on a park bench, looking at the bright stars in the sky...

    I spent the whole day walking around the city, along familiar streets
    Where we started our history, where we keep our memories...
    Maybe we should try to get closer...
    you gave me love when you wanted to die
    Your sincere feelings for me saved me..
    I begin to lose the ability to have with myself when the night comes

    Text by me @galaxyarts.exemore
  • 🐰🐱🐶👧🏼
    Всем привет!

    Ты попал(а) на блог ❤️🐶love Animal🐱🐰

    Немного о моей хозяйку
    Её зовут Саша ей 1️⃣1️⃣ лет
    Она учится в 5 классе

    Теперь о нас

    Меня зовут Джина🐶
    Мне 4 года

    А я Марси🐶
    Мне 11 месяцев

    Ну а я Рокси 🐱
    Мне 5 лет

    Я Джаггер🐶
    Мне 10 лет

    Я Мася 🐱
    Мне 3 года

    Ну а я Пуша 🐰
    Мне 2 года

    А я Лапа
    Мне 4 месяца

    Теперь кто на радуге🌈

    Мика 2🐰
    Буся 🐱

    Теперь о наших правилах

    Писать нам в лс
    Лайкать нас
    Писать комментарии
    Простить нас о взаимке

    Спамить (бан на 1 день)
    Матерится (бан на неделю)
    Обзывать нас и наших подписчиков (бан навсегда)

    Ну на этом всё.
    Многое интересное в блоге ждём твоей подписки😉
    Всем до скорых встреч👋
  • ~•Хай-Хай, с вами ☁️ᛕØᗯᎯԿ🅄ũ РăŨ🐈
    ( бывшее название Forest Love )
    Стоп, ты не знаешь меня?
    Ладно, давай всё расскажу.
    Я кошка Сима, мне 8 лет, я беспородная.
    Хозяйку Маша зовут.

    Я тут не одна, со мной тут обитают собака Боня и крыса Микки.
    Про них я росскажу позже.

    У нас тут есть правила:

    Не материться🚫
    Не спамить🚫
    Не просить вз🚫
    Не оскорблять кого-либо.🚫

    Если тебя такие правила не устраивают, то, кнопка отписки есть всегда

    Кстати про боню и Микки узнаешь в питомцах


    Ну а сейчас я росскажу про тех, кто покинул нашу команду:
    Чуня: крыса, умерла от болезни
    Улитки: продали

    А на картинке собственно я:↓↓↓more
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