OCT 23: Ethel has temporarily been separated to give Alfred, Robin and Watson a break from the penis-nursing. It's quite common for orphan kittens to nurse on each other, and it is NOT a concern unless it could create a wound/swelling on the recipient. When a penis is the target, we have to be extra cautious because peeing is an important part of life! Unfortunately, since they have ringworm, we can't take them out of the room with us for extra snuggles. Even though this scenario is not ideal, it is the best we can do for them until they are not contagious and get past the penis-nursing phase. We will assess and adjust as necessary.

OCT 22: Introducing… the “We’re #2!” litter!

The amazing #2 theme was suggested by a chatter, due to the infinite poo capacity demonstrated by our newest arrivals. We of course loved the idea, so these names are all after famous sidekicks:

Ethel - tuxie girl
Watson - tuxie boy
Robin - tabby boy
Alfred - panther boy

These four sweet babies were orphaned at just three weeks old. The property owner heard them crying, contacted us, and together we determined mama was likely not coming back. Because they came from our Happy Forest colony area, we knew they would almost certainly have ringworm and require a huge amount of time and treatment to cure. They need to be kept carefully quarantined to avoid spreading the highly contagious ringworm fungus, which makes things extra tough when you’re dealing with teeny tiny little orphans who miss their mama and are just learning how to eat on their own.

We remain on the lookout for any cat who could be their mama, but are not hopeful. The tragic reality of cat overpopulation is that if mama was killed, these four babies would have died too. Luckily, they were discovered in time and instead will be spayed, neutered and adopted into loving homes.

OCT 17: Grandpa Mason has sent us some more surprise kittens.... three weeks old, with the dreaded ringworm. We need to follow a strict isolation protocol to keep the ringworm contained, so they won't be able to have the usual toys and other adorable things for now since we will need to throw away or thoroughly disinfect everything they come into contact with.

SEP 4: Titan (a.k.a. Mr. Pickles) has joined the colony, and Thistle + Prim have been adopted! Titan is a senior feral cat who was nearly dead when he showed up at our feeding station and asked us for help. He is responding encouragingly to treatment for hyperthyroid, severe infections, dehydration and has gained 1 pound in his first week with us! He's not out of the woods yet, but he's alive, comfortable and starting to enjoy snuggles.

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